The official, limited edition 'The Jingles' mug!

from The Jingles

What can this mug do? EVERYTHING!

- it can be a mug for your favourite drinks
- it can hold your favourite pens
- it can be a candy dish
- it can be a Christmas decoration
- it can hold your toothbrush
- it can be used to draw a perfect circle
- it can be a vase for your plants
- it can be an ironic prop for you to carry during the off-season
- it can be a weapon in the event of a burglary

The Jingles Mug. It's always in the season, are you?

$15 + Shipping (unless you come to our shows, you can buy it for $15 flat!)

Sold Out


The Jingles Calgary, Alberta

The Jingles is Calgary's best, if not only, Christmas band. The Jingles perform original, traditional and re-interpreted holiday favourites in a variety of styles including folk, blues, rock, funk, pop and contemporary. Combining impressive musicianship and hammed up humor, The Jingles are pure entertainment that leaves you feeling warm, fuzzy and festive. ... more

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